Fall 2019 Meeting

JLL 1 Front Street #2100, San Francisco, CA 94111


Come hear Andrew Wilson (CFO, FORGE), Kent Schwartz (CFO, Kearns & West) and Isaac Zamora (Co-Chair, BAFOG) share their responses to the challenge below.


The business environment has become more dynamic and complex – at an ever-increasing rate.

The old method of static, top-down planning puts companies at risk. Risks like internal misalignment, ill-informed decisions, and being outmaneuvered by competitors.


How can organizations survive in a rapid, ever-changing, complex environment? They need four critical qualities to function:

  • Visibility, to see what’s happening
  • Insight, to respond strategically
  • Control, to execute meaningful action, and
  • Monitoring Tools, to measure results

When these four qualities work in harmony, businesses become Agile. New strategies translate into operational plans ready for quick and easy execution.

How can organizations develop these qualities and become Agile? By implementing a Performance Management Model. This model provides a framework, methodologies, and processes to manage success. It embodies the collaborative accomplishments, successes, and failures of an organization.

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