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Invest in your professional development as you learn from peers and industry leaders.


Build collegial relationships with peers and industry leaders to collaborate on the unique challenges of industry.


Provide critical input to industry vendors and service providers.


Gain actionable insight to help you address key business drivers.

Member Testimonials

“I participate in BAFOG to know how others are handling issues facing financial managers of A/E firms.”

“My involvement with BAFOG provides meaningful insights, like how others measure success in our industry (peers and employees).”

“BAFOG provided a forum to understand the different ways other firms implement and fund their incentive programs. Hearing different people present how their program works is far more insightful than just looking at survey data.”

“BAFOG has an accumulation of many years of experience to tap into for problem solving… Every visit I learn something valuable.”

“I participate in BAFOG for networking and support. [The] CFO [role] is a lonely profession. Through the BAFOG network we are able to support one another. Sharing information with BAFOG members helps me navigate more effectively.”

Community Partners